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The Special Solution As A Series Product

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The Special Solution As A Series Product
The Special Solution As A Series Product

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All we need is copper wire and Allgäu crossheads, "smiles Herbert K. Sutter. The slogan of ATE Antriebstechnik und Entwicklungs GmbH & Co. KG aptly describes the philosophy of the Leutkirch company, says the managing director. ATE has developed and The production of special electrical drives specializes, customer-specific developments are the focus of the activities or, as Sutter puts it: "We go the way to the goal together with the customer." The strengths of the company lie in the short and fast reaction times to the problems of the customers and Possibility of being able to manufacture small quantities between 3 and 100 as well as medium series up to several thousand. In addition, the Allgäu together with the customer primarily develop drive solutions,that score with high power and torque density in a small space and are therefore unparalleled.

Sustainability as a company philosophy

Founded in 2000 by four partners - Herbert K. Sutter was one of them - ATE today employs around 100 people, around two thirds of whom work in manufacturing; the administration is deliberately kept lean. The growth rates have so far been regularly between 5 and 10%. Financial independence and sustainable thinking are among Sutter's most important values.

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However, Sutter regards the development department as the nucleus of success, here the "Allgäu crossheads" develop solutions for "every (un-) imaginable area of ​​application", as Stefan Heinz explains. Modern programs for magnetic circuit and strength calculation are used, some of which ATE even develops itself, as the technical manager explains. In addition, the teams of electrical and mechanical engineers exchange ideas directly with leading universities and colleges.

Flexible manufacturing ensures quality

The fast and flexible implementation of customer-specific developments also requires a high degree of flexibility from the processes and machines in production. To expand this, ATE has invested heavily in machines and systems for the production of the engines. For example, the company now has an in-house laser cutting system for electrical steel and modern facilities for vacuum casting coils. With automated test systems, the Allgäu control their production 100% and thus ensure the quality of the engines.

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