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Special Solution Becomes The Standard

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Special Solution Becomes The Standard
Special Solution Becomes The Standard

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Video: A Non-Standard Exponential Equation from Russia 2023, February

The locking latches of the GN 721 series from Ganter differ in the limitation of the actuation angle to 180 degrees and the choice between a left-hand or right-hand locking curve. In this way, multi-bolt applications can be realized with the same directions of movement - and thus easier handling of flaps or other components. In principle, the course of the curve converts the 180-degree rotation of the bolt into an axial stroke. If the spring-loaded latch should not snap back from this end position unintentionally, versions with a secure notch are available.

Proportional valve

Control low flows

Optional accessories

The lock nut according to ISO 8675, which locks the locking bolt element, which can be fitted with an external thread, in a specific mounting position and thus ensures a defined, for example design-related locking position. In addition to the normal steel version, the locking bolt is also available in stainless steel. The bolt is available with and without a polyamide cap in both material variants. (br)

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