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New Options Simplify 3D Scanning

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New Options Simplify 3D Scanning
New Options Simplify 3D Scanning

Video: New Options Simplify 3D Scanning

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Video: Print Faster using Multiple Processes in Simplify3D - 3D Printing 101 2023, January

Autopilot mode is new in Artec 3D's Studio 11 scanning software. In this setting, users with no experience can have their data reworked 100% automatically, the manufacturer promises. All you have to do is answer a few questions about the characteristics of the scanned object. Then Artec Studio merges the scans into an accurate, print-ready 3D model. If you want more control over the processing of the scan data, you can set a manual mode. The company's performance has improved. For example, textures can be applied ten times faster than before and automatically inserted where data is missing.

Live demo: Automated 3D scanning

A UR3 robot arm from Universal Robots will be showing at stand C10 in hall 3.1 how automatic scanning can work. Mounted on it is a Space Spider, a 3D scanner from Artec 3D. In autonomy mode, the software controls the robot and selects the best possible trajectory to guide the scanner around the object. The software independently analyzes the surface to be scanned and checks whether all the necessary data has been recorded. The autonomy mode is particularly suitable for large collections of objects with different shapes and sizes.

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Manual teaching of the scanner

In programming mode, the user has the option of setting the path of movement of the robot. To do this, the user simply guides the scanner around the object by hand. In this way, the scanner learns which path to follow. This mode is useful in cases where large quantities of the same objects are to be scanned. It is particularly effective in the quality control of manufacturing companies - for example on conveyor belts, where the objects have to be recorded in the shortest possible time. Because the software precisely analyzes objects and scan results, it can give the scanner precise instructions as to which areas should be scanned. In this way, only the minimum number of images is recorded, which reduces processing time and the amount of data captured. (mz)

Artec 3D at Formnext 2016: Hall 3.1, C10

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