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Resolvers Control Energy-efficiently On All Slopes

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Resolvers Control Energy-efficiently On All Slopes
Resolvers Control Energy-efficiently On All Slopes

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Video: Energy efficiency and energy savings: a view from the building sector 2023, January

In Germany alone, road traffic causes around 18% of greenhouse gas emissions. In order to be able to significantly reduce them in traffic, a high proportion of electromobility is required. But there is a lack of suitable framework conditions: there is no comprehensive charging infrastructure, purchase prices for electric vehicles are high and technical problems with range and battery charging still deter buyers.

At the same time, electromobility is already proving in many other fields that it has a future. Electric and hybrid drives have already established themselves in many areas of mobility because they work more energy efficiently. LTN Servotechnik GmbH from Otterfing near Munich has been active in this area for many years with its resolver solutions and can provide numerous references. Vehicles in which LTN technology is installed range from heavy tippers to Formula 1 cars.

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In addition to optical encoders, resolvers are the most commonly used angle sensors in industry. They take on control tasks in numerous applications, for example in motor control, for example to regulate the speed of electric drive motors. Resolvers offer the advantage of greater robustness compared to classic encoders, since they are electromechanical components with no electronics installed. They defy even the most adverse conditions and can easily cope with extreme temperatures and the harshest environmental conditions. Shocks and vibrations - up to 500 g shock and 100 g vibration - cannot harm them, just like dust and moisture.

Resolvers from LTN Servotechnik are used for so-called commutation, i.e. the position feedback of the current angle of the rotors of the drive motors. Even with asynchronous motors, resolvers are used for more precise speed control. The robust feedback system with inner diameters of up to 110 mm offers sufficient accuracy and is suitable for both electric and hybrid drives.

SolarCar: Efficiency of wheel hub motors

In the SolarCar project at the Bochum University of Applied Sciences, teams of students design and build exclusively electric vehicles powered by solar energy. As ambassadors for an electromobile future, they are each designed for heavy use and long journeys. High-performance solar cells on the roof of the vehicles provide electrical power. A battery stores excess energy that the wheel hub motors installed in the rear wheels do not consume directly while driving. Since 2012, the resolvers from LTN have been optimizing the efficiency of these wheel hub motors with low weight and small installation space, which is also evident in practical applications.In autumn 2015, the SolarCar team at Bochum University of Applied Sciences developed the ThyssenKrupp SunRiser and thus achieved third place in the Cruiser Class rating at the World Solar Challenge 2015 in Australia.

Formula 1: Booster thanks to energy recovery

The speed control in KERS systems in racing goes one step further. KERS stands for Kinetic Energy Recovery System and describes a technology for recuperation, i.e. for the recovery of kinetic energy instead of friction brakes. With a weight of only 80 g, the resolvers from LTN are used to control the electric motors. They direct the energy stored in batteries during braking back into the drive train or generate the braking power as a generator. The energy gained can then be used as a booster during the next acceleration process, which provides an additional up to 70 kW for up to 30 s. In addition to classic hybrid drives, such energy recovery systems also serve to make Formula 1 racing cars - slightly - more environmentally friendly. "Even if the number of electricians in Germany does not yet indicateElectromobility is on the advance technologically, because it is the suitable alternative or supplement to the internal combustion engine,”explains Ludwig Angerpointner, Managing Director of LTN Servotechnik. "We are therefore developing components for the drive technologies of the future." (Pf)

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* * Manfred Hick is a sales representative at LTN Servotechnik

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