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Mobile Becomes Stable - With Just One Push

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Mobile Becomes Stable - With Just One Push
Mobile Becomes Stable - With Just One Push

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Video: GTA 5 MOBILE is HERE! How to Download GTA V Mobile on iOS/Android (ANY DEVICE) ☑️ 2023, January

The leveling rollers are well suited to transforming mobile operating equipment, transport equipment and machines into stable work surfaces. The HRLK… -F and HRLK… -HN series are further developments of the HRLK leveling casters. With the new castors, this operating lever is no longer stationary, but swivels with it in the wake. Not only can it be conveniently operated and released in any position, but it can also be swung under the edge of the car if necessary. This prevents foot injuries from protruding levers. In addition, the castors are ideal for use in confined spaces, for example in tightly packed transport equipment or factory equipment.

Depending on the version, the load capacity is up to 250 kg
Depending on the version, the load capacity is up to 250 kg

The HRLK… -F series has a height-adjustable wheel that can be raised and lowered using the foot pedal. The locking foot, however, is fixed. This variant therefore offers very good stability for mainly stationary applications. With the HRLK… -HN it is the other way round: the height of the foot is adjustable, the wheel is immobile. This role convinces in mobile operation with a generous ground clearance of 12 mm. Depending on the version, the load capacity is up to 250 kg. Both series score with a short actuation path, combined with a high excavation force. Users can easily lift and securely fix even heavy loads.

Dynamoelectric principle

Siemens celebrates 150 years of dynamo

The new leveling castors are available with different wheel variants made of high-quality, break-resistant polyamide 6 or the trackless Blickle Extrathane polyurethane tread. The housing is pressed from a strong sheet steel and has a double ball bearing in the slewing ring. The special dynamic Blickle riveting of the wreath ensures minimal play with smooth running and a long service life. The wheel diameter is 80 mm, the rollers are attached as standard using a screw-on plate with the dimensions 100 mm x 85 mm. Additional panels, also in US dimensions, are available on request. In addition, Blickle also manufactures the lifting rollers in an electrically conductive version for use in sensitive environments such as microelectronics. (br)

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