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Wiska Presents A New Type Of Cable Protection System

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Wiska Presents A New Type Of Cable Protection System
Wiska Presents A New Type Of Cable Protection System

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The Wiska Brace system is brand new. The heart of the cable protection system is the Bracegland. With this new type of plastic hose screw connection from Wiska development and production, a 360 ° hinged closure enables easy assembly with high strain relief, which is supposed to offer protection against strong vibrations, for example. The large-area seal is also intended to enable the protective tube to be cut to size without a special cutting tool. Degree of protection IP68 prevents the ingress of dust and water. Wiska completes the Brace system with a large selection of high-quality plastic corrugated pipes, as well as braided and fabric hoses.The development of the Wiska cable protection range was rated by the state of Schleswig-Holstein as a particularly innovative project and is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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Cable entry system for control cabinet installation

Conmaxx is a cable entry system which, according to the manufacturer, is particularly suitable for control cabinet installations and electrical housings. With the Conmaxx system, three components - different frame sizes, grille inserts and conical sealing elements - can be put together individually according to need and area of ​​application. This modular system with a closed frame and optionally split sealing elements is intended to enable simple installation from the inside of the housing to the outside, so that even subsequent, individual changes to the cabling can be carried out without screwing the frame on and off. Around 100 different sealing inserts, four frame sizes and four grid inserts are intended to enable flexible and individual electrical installation.

Compact cable glands

The cable glands of the Shotgland product line are equipped with a compact sealing concept. This results in a very flat design. According to the manufacturer, the Shotgland can withstand extreme temperatures between –60 ° C and 180 ° C in the LT version with a silicone seal. (sh)

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