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Drive Technology For Driverless Transport Systems

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Drive Technology For Driverless Transport Systems
Drive Technology For Driverless Transport Systems

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Video: How Do Self-Driving Cars Actually Work? (Tesla, Volvo, Google) 2023, January

Cycloidal gear manufacturer Nabtesco develops precision gearboxes with or without a hollow shaft, which are characterized by precision, speed and robustness. Due to their quality and reliability, which ensure a long service life, the Nabtesco gearboxes are used in a wide variety of industries, such as robotics, machine tool construction, handling or medical technology. In robotics, Nabtesco is number one worldwide with a market share of 60%.

An application in which the robust cycloidal gears can also show their advantages are wheel drives of driverless transport systems. Among other things, Nabtesco has developed a new drive concept that is characterized by high speeds, a robust construction and an optimized main bearing for high radial loads. Due to their compactness, these gearboxes can be easily integrated even in applications where there is little space available.

Cost-optimized customer solution for driverless transport system

At the trade fair stand, Nabtesco, together with control specialist Synapticon, is showing an example of an automated guided vehicle (AGV) system for which the technology partners have developed an application-specific drive system. The cost-optimized customer solution relies on a modular system consisting of gearbox, motor, servo controller, encoder and wheel. This fully integrated and decentralized drive concept, in which all the necessary components are compactly integrated in the wheel unit, offers the user maximum freedom in the design of AGVS solutions. The compact drive system works maintenance-free and has a structure that allows particularly high radial loads.

Just as great is the flexibility when it comes to adapting the drive unit to the control concept of the vehicle. Ethernet, Ethercat, Profinet and CAN are available as communication interfaces; further standards such as Ethernet / IP or Powerlink can be supported on request. The system is compatible with the Robot Operating System (ROS) for integration with software for autonomous navigation. In order to keep the costs for users as low as possible, a central control or a master PC in the vehicle can be completely dispensed with in this concept. The drive units directly map the necessary control intelligence, such as the kinematics for Mecanum wheel systems.In addition, the drives can be integrated directly with coordinating or logging cloud services or smart device apps via an internet connection.

Trade visitors to this year's SPS IPC Drives can convince themselves of the advantages of cycloidal gears at the Nabtesco booth and get information from the transmission specialists about the different series and designs of the provider. They can also find out more about the possibilities of customizing: If necessary, Nabtesco develops individual drive solutions together with the customer, which are adapted to the respective application. (ud)

SPS IPC Drives 2016: Hall 3, Stand 528

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