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Newly Developed Tester For Electrical Safety

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Newly Developed Tester For Electrical Safety
Newly Developed Tester For Electrical Safety

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Video: Electrical Safety Testing - The Requirements - Rigel Medical Webinar 2023, January

The versatile test device is available in three versions. The basic version can be tested in 690 V AC and 800 V DC networks. Versions with AC or DC high voltage are also available. The devices are characterized by a wide range of functions and, according to the manufacturer, make the use of additional test technology unnecessary in machine and switchgear construction, for industrial networks, wind power and PV systems, and electrical charging stations. Thanks to newly developed measuring methods, in addition to protective conductor and RCD testing, insulation monitoring, measurement of residual voltage, leakage and contact currents, loop measurement can also be carried out for Type B DC-sensitive RCDs for the first time.

Powerful energy meter

A second focus of the exhibition is the high-performance energy meter Energymid for the MID-compliant recording and billing of up to 33 measured variables. The device introduced this year is extremely compact with only four dividing units and is offered with a scalable range of functions for 2-, 3- and 4-wire networks with converter connection (1 (6) A) and input voltages from 100 to 500 V.

With the device, which was first verified in accordance with the MID measuring device directive 2014/32 / EU, billable consumption and feed-in data can also be collected for cost center-related billing for a period of eight years. In order to extend the approval by a further eight years after this period, the manufacturer offers re-verification in its state-recognized test center EB8. The recorded measurement data, which is clearly and clearly shown on a backlit display, includes, in addition to the power consumption, reactive energy, apparent power, neutral conductor current, power factor and frequency as well as the energy feed. In addition, the network quality is monitored by means of THD detection for current and voltage.

Various bus interfaces can be integrated

The measured values ​​are transmitted via impulses via standardized or freely programmable S0 interfaces. Various bus interfaces - LON, M-Bus, Modbus-RTU / -TCP and BACnet - can optionally be integrated for network communication and remote reading. With meters of the types EM228x and EM238x with Z1 feature, the load profiles can also be determined when connected to M-Bus, Modbus-RTU or Modbus TCP / IP. For this purpose, the measuring device saves at 16,000 times in selectable intervals from 1 to 60 min. the meter readings for active and reactive power according to the active reference and delivery tariff. Load profile values ​​and measuring intervals can be read directly from the display, evaluated via the interface or transferred to Excel.

The Energymid is available with a manufacturer's guarantee of three years in preconfigured standard versions as well as customer-specific scalable solutions. The range of functions, interface equipment and the number of tariff inputs can be flexibly adapted to special requirements for private households, trade, building automation and industry. (jv)

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