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Newly Designed Linear Tables Offer Additional Functions And Improved Performance

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Newly Designed Linear Tables Offer Additional Functions And Improved Performance
Newly Designed Linear Tables Offer Additional Functions And Improved Performance

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All tables in the Pro series from Aerotech are based on a durable, recirculating linear guide bearing system and a low-friction sealing system. This is intended to guarantee a long service life in industrial applications such as laser processing. The design of the Pro series protects against dirt particles; Sidebands prevent dusts and foreign objects from getting into the table. The curved shape of the protective cover is designed to prevent too much dirt from accumulating on the table.

The mounting holes in the base are accessible from the outside and should ensure easy installation. Standard mounting holes for imperial and metric optical tables are available in all directions. The slide is available with both metric and inch holes and can be ordered with brush holders to remove dirt particles on the protective cover. The traversing slides contain perforated patterns for the direct connection of the rotation tables ADRS, ACS-LP, ADRT, ACS and AGR from Aerotech, whereby multi-axis systems can be constructed and implemented quickly and easily according to the company.

Precise positioning with Thermocomp

All tables in the Pro series are now available with Thermocomp from Aerotech. This integrated component for temperature compensation is intended to ensure precise positioning in environments with variable temperatures, even when tables with ball screws are used for a long time.

Positioning table

Piezo nanopositioning tables for microscope objectives

Pro LM linear motor tables

According to Aerotech, pro-LM tables offer high precision and are equipped with non-contact linear encoders. Incremental and absolute encoders are available as standard options and allow minimal incremental movements of 5 nm and repeatability in the submicrometer range. The optional Halar factory calibration option is designed to improve positioning accuracy to ± 0.75 μm. Traversing paths are available from 50 mm to 1500 mm for standard models at speeds of up to 2 m / s.

The powerful U-profile linear motors from Aerotech serve to drive the Pro-LM series. The ironless rotor with a high power yield has no cogging torque and is intended to ensure extremely uniform speed and position control. This ironless design is ideal for applications that require excellent contour precision and uniform speed profiles. The linear motor has no backlash, no torsion and no friction.

Pro-SL / SLE linear tables with ball screw

Due to the improved positioning ability and the competitive price, Aerotech promises that the Pro-SL / SLE series with ball screw is ideal for applications in the medium to high performance range. The Pro-SLE series has a direct linear encoder for applications that require a direct measurement of the carriage movement. Amplified sine and digital TTL output and absolute encoders are offered as standard options for linear feedback.

The Pro-SL / SLE series is available with many standard functions and options, which are intended to ensure an extremely flexible design that can be easily adapted to the respective application. The travel paths are available from 50 mm to 1000 mm at speeds of up to 300 mm / s. The brushless servo motors of the BM or BMS series from Aerotech are available with many different encoder options. The minimum incremental movement is 50 nm. The motor can be equipped with a parking brake for vertical applications. A motor redirector is available for applications with limited space to reduce the overall length.

All tables in the PRO series are also available as clean room and vacuum versions. (sh)

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