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Siemens Wants To Drive The Digital Transformation Forward

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Siemens Wants To Drive The Digital Transformation Forward
Siemens Wants To Drive The Digital Transformation Forward

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Video: TCT Conference | Formnext Connect Panel: Digital Transformation to Drive Operational Excellence 2023, January

The demands of consumers on individualized products change almost all industries. Industrial companies with a service department become service companies with production. That is why Siemens wants to support its customers in the transformation to digital companies and is showing concrete customer applications at the SPS IPC Drives 2016. Under the motto "Driving the Digital Enterprise", the company is showing integrated applications with which customers can optimize production systems and manufacturing processes over the entire life cycle of their products and systems. Siemens is developing new solutions for plant and manufacturing processes together with customers from discrete manufacturing as well as from the process industry.

Siemens plans to expand its portfolio for industrial software

"We are actively driving digital change. With the strategic alliance with Bentley Systems and the planned acquisition of Mentor Graphics, we are continuously expanding our portfolio for industrial software,”says Klaus Helmrich, Member of the Board of Management of Siemens AG at the SPS IPC Drives 2016.“We are expanding our business with Bentley Industrial software ecosystem from 2D to 3D solutions. We are taking the simulation portfolio of our digital enterprise offering to a whole new level. We want to use it to realize our vision of a “digital twin” from virtual planning to the real product.”The announced acquisition of Mentor Graphics expands Siemens' offering with leading solutions for the design, simulation and production of electrical and electronic systems.

Ecosystem for evaluating and using data

The basis and prerequisite for data based industrial services is Mindsphere - the cloud-based, open Internet of Things ecosystem from Siemens. "We are consistently expanding the Mindsphere ecosystem and are pleased to announce Microsoft as a partner with its cloud platform Azure," said Helmrich. Atos and Accenture have recently been announced as partners in the Mindsphere ecosystem.

As an open cloud platform for industrial applications, the ecosystem opens the connection of devices and plug-and-play connectivity via open standards. It offers data analysis, diverse connectivity, tools for developers, applications and services. The ecosystem is designed to support customers in evaluating and using their data in order to gain new insights. This enables them to optimize the performance of their equipment for maximum availability. Mindsphere should also enable new business models such as the sale of machine hours, while the user benefits from a transparent pay-per-use price model.


Siemens decides to buy Mentor Graphics

"With the establishment of our ecosystem, we have created a strong infrastructure and thus the basis and prerequisite for data based industrial services," said Helmrich. "And we are pushing ahead with the expansion as the basis for new digital business models for industrial companies." Siemens and partner companies will be presenting their ideas and applications in the "Mindsphere Lounge" on the Siemens stand. Visitors will also learn how easily machines and production systems can be docked to Mindsphere applications using Totally Integrated Automation.

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