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Digital Math Advent Calendar Opens Its Doors Again

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Digital Math Advent Calendar Opens Its Doors Again
Digital Math Advent Calendar Opens Its Doors Again

Video: Digital Math Advent Calendar Opens Its Doors Again

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Video: Back to the Future Advent Calendar Review. WE OPEN ALL 24 WINDOWS! (Playmobil) 2023, January

The Christmas village flashes, all the elves are already wearing the Christmas vests and the tree is decorated. Also behind the scenes of the math advent calendar, 2 x 24 lovingly developed and illustrated tasks await the start on December 1st. Then registered participants can open the first door on www.mathe-im-advent.de.

Promote strutural and logical thinking

"The Wichtel stories playfully show how varied and useful math really is outside of school," explains Stephanie Schiemann, project manager at Mathe im Advent. "With our concept, we promote structural and logical thinking as well as creativity and a love of experimentation." There is a funny illustration for each task, which also brings the individual characters of the elves to life visually. The detailed solutions usually appear the following day. Maths offers in-depth additional material for each task in Advent.

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More than 100,000 participants

This year there is also an Advent calendar for grades 4 to 6 and 7 to 9, but it is also possible for parents, "early starters" of grades 2 and 3 and "fun players" of all ages. In recent years, the math gnomes have thrilled well over 100,000 participants per year nationwide and have managed to motivate notorious math muffle. The elves have prepared many interesting prizes such as tablets or game consoles under the tree for the particularly persistent pupils.

Math advent calendar for adults

The research center Matheon offers a third advent calendar for high school students and adults at www.mathekalender.de. Since November 1, students in grades 9-13 and all math enthusiasts have been able to register for the 2016 edition of the popular math competition free of charge. This year too, 24 great math tasks are hiding behind the calendar doors. Traditionally, the winners will also receive high-quality prizes this year.

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