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One Solution For Many Tasks

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One Solution For Many Tasks
One Solution For Many Tasks

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After the vacuum lifting device has been precisely positioned on the narrow and up to 10 m long aluminum profile, the light metal is sucked in and is brought to the pick-up position of the long goods processing center by means of a motor-operated smooth-running overhead crane including chain hoist. In several steps, the semi-finished product becomes a system component, which will later be a load-bearing component of a truck tarpaulin top.

Until recently, the insertion and removal of the aluminum profiles was a job for two employees. "With a length of 6 m, sometimes just under 10 m, the bars weigh up to 60 kg," says Torsten Ledabil, project manager at TSE Trailer System Engineering.

Act very different profiles

TSE is a subsidiary of Schmitz Cargobull AG, a manufacturer of truck bodies in Europe. The company develops and manufactures a variety of frame structures for truck superstructures. The required raw material is extruded aluminum profiles. Depending on the function and intended use, these are profiles with very different cross-sections, surfaces and lengths. For space and cost reasons, the semi-finished products are delivered in different positions.

TSE therefore wanted an application for all profile types and layers, without lengthy conversions or additions. Since Eurotech was already a household name at TSE as a provider of complete vacuum solutions, the company from Geislingen was brought in. With a comprehensive range of vacuum systems, components and the Eurotech-typical flexible modular system, the company produces efficient customer and process-specific handling solutions for the metal, glass, wood and plastics industries.

With a modular system for a total solution

The implemented complete solution includes planning, construction, the load-bearing steel structure with smooth-running overhead crane, chain hoist and control. The core of the comprehensive handling solution from Eurotech is the vacuum handling device of the Et-Hover series.

With this device, the profiles can be lifted horizontally and swiveled by 180 °. With the ergonomically designed radio remote control, all movements can be controlled precisely and intuitively. The handling device has 5 suction plates. Each is equipped with 6 oval flat suction cups in three groups arranged in parallel. These are divided into three vacuum circles. The suction arrangement is designed so that the suction plates can be used for every type of profile and position. These suction plates, which come from Eurotech's extensive modular system, have been modified for specific tasks and thus save on external tubing with their internal suction channels.

The handling solution implemented at TSE can take loads of up to 60 kg. In addition to the controls for the vacuum, the electronic chain hoist and crane drive, the control cabinet also houses two batteries for emergency power operation. (qui)

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