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The 20 Best Christmas Gifts For Technology Enthusiasts

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The 20 Best Christmas Gifts For Technology Enthusiasts
The 20 Best Christmas Gifts For Technology Enthusiasts

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Christmas is almost at the door and the same question every year: What do you give your loved ones? We started looking for 20 fun and useful gifts for technology enthusiasts.

The little robot Mibo is not only cute, but can also do a lot: it dodges obstacles, moves building blocks or follows lines and objects. This is made possible by a combination of sensors. The robot with the giant eyes opens the fascinating world of electronics to children aged 10 years and over or young at heart.

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Would you like something more unusual? Dirror offers a complete smart home device that can camouflage itself as a mirror at the push of a button. It also serves as an appointment calendar, weather station, traffic alarm or cookbook - according to the manufacturer, there are over 60,000 applications in the Microsoft Store. The smart mirror with full HD monitor, loudspeaker and voice control is not cheap: you can buy it from 970 euros.

Or how about a keyboard that makes it easier for children and older people to use the PC? The Clevy keyboard is large and colorful, and it is limited to the most important keys.

The Franzis publishing house offers something for car fans: A high-quality functional model of the boxer engine of the legendary Porsche 911 from 1966 as a kit in a scale of 1: 4. The 290 components should be easy to assemble - they are screwed and inserted, nothing glued. In this way, the relevant mechanical components should remain mobile and show the engine in operation thanks to the transparent housing. Manufacturer's suggested retail price: 169 euros.

You can find all gift ideas in our picture gallery. (kj)

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