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Leuze Electronic On Double-digit Growth Course

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Leuze Electronic On Double-digit Growth Course
Leuze Electronic On Double-digit Growth Course

Video: Leuze Electronic On Double-digit Growth Course

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Video: Double Digit Growth 2023, January

Leuze Electronic, one of the world's innovation leaders in optosensor technology, is active in the promising areas of automation and mechanical engineering and is currently assessing the market situation as excellent. “The order situation is very good. And that despite the fact that we were able to achieve considerable growth last year,”says Ulrich Balbach, Managing Director at Leuze Electronic. The company is expected to end the current fiscal year with double-digit growth, even significantly higher in many regions of the world.

Classified as champion

Leuze Electronic is proud of the recent awards in various areas: Leuze Electronic was included in the 2016 world market leader index as a champion in the field of optosensors and the subsidiary in India was the only company in this industry to receive the IENDRA Award from the fastest growing companies in India.

Leuze Electronic received three technology awards in 2016 for the latest high-end product in the field of safety at work, the RSL 400 safety laser scanner. "The most important company capital is our employees, the sensor people," says Ulrich Balbach. "In line with the strong growth of the company, not only are parts of the building expanded and new production lines built, but also numerous new employees with different qualifications are searched for in all areas of the company - locally, nationally and internationally: from skilled production workers to product managers to sales managers," said Sebastian Haug, HR Business Partner at Leuze Electronic. In 2016, over 150 new employees were hired worldwide, just over 100 of them in Germany alone.“This growth strategy is likely to continue in 2017. (jv)

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