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Make Full Use Of The Potential In Development

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Make Full Use Of The Potential In Development
Make Full Use Of The Potential In Development

Video: Make Full Use Of The Potential In Development

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Video: How to Reach Your Greatest Potential 2023, January

A major trend in mechanical and plant engineering is lightweight construction. The selection of suitable materials, a simulation-driven design and coordinated manufacturing processes help to reduce the weight of components and thus reduce the use of raw materials and costs. Topology optimization plays a major role in the development of lightweight components. In this way, design suggestions are generated mathematically in a defined room. Combined with additive manufacturing, new ideas can be implemented.

Bionic design

Structure-efficient skateboard from the 3D printer

Would you like to learn more about the challenges and opportunities of lightweight construction? construction practice academy organized on 30.05. and 31.05.2017 the 2nd user meeting for lightweight construction. In lectures, workshops and an accompanying exhibition, lightweight construction with all its facets is illuminated.

Further information at: www.anwendertreff- Leichtbau.de

Topology optimization

On the trail of the best lightweight design


Analysis tool bundles simulation and verification of complex design solutions

Reverse engineering

With 3D scanning to the true-to-scale 3D printed model


Special composite development process finds ideal lightweight geometry

3D scanner

How a Sleepy Hollow figure is created using 3D scanners


Understand dynamic movements more easily

Lightweight construction

Fraunhofer LBF develops hybrid lightweight rear axles

Generative design

Thanks to the poly nurs function, you can quickly become a 3D printed component

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