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Career Planning 2017: The Path To Greater Satisfaction

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Career Planning 2017: The Path To Greater Satisfaction
Career Planning 2017: The Path To Greater Satisfaction

Video: Career Planning 2017: The Path To Greater Satisfaction

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Video: Career Planning | Career Path | Job Satisfaction | AA Academia 2023, January

Between Christmas and New Year in particular, a lot of employees go on and look back: How did the year go for me professionally? Am i still satisfied?

Set authentic destinations

If the balance is negative, the question quickly arises: What has to change for me? Martina Beermann, graduate psychologist and head of the career development department at the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, advises the systematic answering of the following questions when setting authentic career goals:

  • Which special interests and topics are with me throughout my life story?
  • What strengths and knowledge do I bring to the job market?
  • Which characteristics of me would I like to express?
  • What are my favorite jobs? (e.g. advising or selling)
  • What environment do I need? (e.g. customer groups, company size)
  • What values ​​and interests do I have?

Goal: Three career options

After answering these questions, it is important to collect ideas for new professional fields of activity in a circle of friends or with the guidance of a professional coach. The answers to the three favorite interests and activities that have been taken personally serve as the basis for this. In their combination there are nine possible combinations. For each combination, you should then generate as many ideas as possible without any reservations, without barriers in your head. In the end, the goal is to choose three career options that would be the most fun.

Professional resolutions 2017

That's what workers want in the new year

The first choice that emerges here should be compared with the answers to the individual questions: Does the favorite option match your own person and needs?

Contact people from your favorite environment directly

The process of generating and evaluating ideas is now almost complete. The next step is to make concrete contact with people from the favorite job and to question the field of activity. What skills do I need in the job? What environment would I be in?

"In my current job, I would only quit if the new job also met the relevant desired criteria," says Martina Beermann. Because before that, the actual application process has to be done with the future employer. According to the career consultant, the best way to convince is those who pursue an authentic career goal. “The employee often appears more charismatic because he is more satisfied with what he does and sees a personal meaning in his work,” says Martina Beermann. (mz)

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