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System Solution For Smooth Cable Routing

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System Solution For Smooth Cable Routing
System Solution For Smooth Cable Routing

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With the Hela-Duct wiring ducts from Hellermann Tyton, cables should be effortlessly routed from A to B, or they should be able to be routed in or branched off at any number of points by simply breaking out the webs and wall segments.

Additional channels can also be connected to each other; due to the optimized design, the edges remain smooth. According to the manufacturer, the cables and fingers of the installers are protected at all times.

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Accessories ensure easy installation

Coordinated accessories should also ensure a smoother installation: retaining clips, bases and expanding rivets are available. This should allow the cables to be perfectly fastened within the wiring channels. Slipping or falling out is prevented.

Hellermann Tyton also offers different widths and lengths of the channels so that every customer can find the right wiring channel for their control cabinet. (sh)

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