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Power Supply For The High-end Area

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Power Supply For The High-end Area
Power Supply For The High-end Area

With Protop, Weidmüller is presenting its new high-end power supply devices: According to the manufacturer, Protop is a power supply for the highest demands, is powerful and efficient.

High-end power supplies must also provide reliable, permanent and efficient supplies in harsh industrial environments. This requires power reserves that can be called up at any time, a long service life and robustness against overvoltages, ambient temperatures or vibrations. According to the manufacturer, Protop is predestined for this. The power supply device should be used in extreme vibration and temperature conditions such as in wind turbines and is also suitable when space and cost-saving concepts for redundant power supply systems are required. In addition, the power reserves of the new DCL technology as well as the high energy efficiency and lifespan should increase plant availability - this applies in particular to large production plants that are operated around the clock and day by day.The power supply devices round off the portfolio with the Proeco and Promax series.

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Users expect high overload and peak current capability

In general, users expect a power supply in the premium range to have a high overload and peak current capability, which means that it should offer additional power reserves for high reliability even with temporary overloads. In addition, there is a very high dynamic range for strongly and quickly pulsating DC loads, such as switched motor loads, and a very high peak current capability (power boost) for reliable tripping of circuit breakers. Customers come from the automotive industry, manufacturers of filling and packaging systems or operators of offshore wind turbines. Your power supplies should cover energy costs and CO 2- Verifiably reduce your balance sheet, your production facilities should be highly available or they should also perform their services reliably but in a space-saving manner in places that are difficult to access. Protop should meet all of these requirements.

Power supplies in the premium range nowadays have a power boost, which either derives from the capacitor energy of the power supply unit or in which the power level switches back to normal current after a fixed boost time. Often the focus is only on the tripping of circuit breakers. The new DCL technology of Protop power supplies, on the other hand, creates the boost time dynamically - depending on the peak current. On the one hand, in the event of a short circuit, the line circuit breakers trip (power boost of at least 600% for 15 ms) or, on the other hand, a longer boost time is automatically selected with lower overload currents. This should make it easier to operate difficult loads.For example, around 200 ms boost time is available for a powerful motor start at 300% starting current.

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Current transducers for next generation IE3 motors

Direct parallel connection possible

The new Weidmüller power supply systems should convince in the overall package. This also includes the first-time integrated O-ring Mosfet. It allows the direct parallel connection of power supplies (n + 1 redundancy) and makes an expensive diode or redundancy module unnecessary. Four operating modes can be set: continuous short-circuit operation, short-circuit operation with shutdown as well as single and parallel operation. In parallel operation, Protop achieves good current balancing and long-term constancy due to the falling output characteristic. The selectable short-circuit behavior with device shutdown has a cut-off function after 5 s. The cut-off function is intended to limit the short-circuit energy and thus avoid cable overloads or major damage to the load. The user is flexible with the connection technology:Various connections are available - for devices up to 10 A, they are push-in technology or screws, and for 20 A or 40 A devices, push-in terminals. Protective coated printed circuit boards are optionally available for assemblies in extreme applications, ie at –40 ° C or 100% humidity (non-condensing).

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Plan, install and operate control cabinets more efficiently

Suitable for different branches of industry

Weidmüller currently offers Protop as 1-phase devices (24 V: 5 A / 10 A / 20 A / 40 A), 3-phase devices are to follow. The input voltage range of the 1-phase devices is 85… 277 V AC, 300 V AC for 15 s. Their efficiency is up to 95%. The protop has a service life of> 10 years at 25 ° C, with an MTBF of> 750,000 hours. The overall width of the 24 V devices is 5 A = 35 mm, 10 A = 39 mm, 20 A = 68 mm and at 40 A = 124 mm.

The high-end devices are intended to address many branches of industry, such as applications in mechanical engineering or energy supply. Typical industrial segments in mechanical engineering are machine tools and woodworking machines, production systems in the automotive industry or packaging and filling systems. In the energy sector, there are the segments of wind energy, power plant technology, substations and intelligent power grids. (sh)

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