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Thin Section Bearings For The Semiconductor Industry

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Thin Section Bearings For The Semiconductor Industry
Thin Section Bearings For The Semiconductor Industry

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Thin-ring bearings from Rodriguez are used in semiconductor technology, among other things, in lens diaphragms of photolithographic systems: Since these diaphragms should be as compact and flat as possible, thin-ring bearings are particularly suitable for this. According to Rodriguez, the lightweight bearing types are characterized by the small cross-section, which remains the same even with increasing bore diameter. The Kaydon thin-ring bearing range comprises around 250 bearing types.

Customized special solutions

"However, there are many other application examples for thin-ring bearings in the semiconductor industry," says Ulrich Schroth, Business Unit Manager Value Added Products at Rodriguez. "For many years we have been supplying Kaydon stainless steel thin-ring bearings to a customer who installs them in single-wafer systems." Based on the thin-ring bearings, Rodriguez also produces complete, ready-to-install assemblies that are precisely tailored to the respective application. These customer-specific special solutions fall into the company's “Value Added Products” division. Here, customers should receive specific system solutions, entire assemblies in small quantities and a comprehensive all-round service. "Here too there is an example from semiconductor technology:One of our complete systems has proven itself in fully automated high-speed measuring systems for wafers,”concludes Ulrich Schroth. (sh)

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