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More Options For Motion Analysis

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More Options For Motion Analysis
More Options For Motion Analysis

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Video: Motion Analysis Lab: Innovative Care for Movement Disorders 2023, January

In the 2017 version, the product development teams consistently focused on improving the existing user-friendliness and adding numerous new functions requested by customers. Jim Hassberger, President of Solidthinking, explains: “We are very proud of the new 2017 versions. Inspire was the first tool on the market to give design engineers the ability to create generative designs, and the product has been a global leader since then. With the latest release, the tool will be in the forefront for the foreseeable future. Evolve's flexibility and the combination of polygonal, parametric solid and organic surface modeling, as well as integrated rendering and construction history make it one of the fastest, most flexible,design tools available today."

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Tools for motion simulation

“With Inspire 2017, we have further improved our already great, generative Inspire design tool by adding tools for motion simulation. These enable the design engineers to examine movements in the system and predict loads for moving components,”said Andy Bartels, Program Manager. "It has never been so easy to mechanize a model or perform motion analysis."

Key changes in Inspire 2017 include:

  • The integrated multi-body dynamics analysis enables users to easily mechanize their models and examine system movements in order to determine loads on the moving components.
  • With the topography optimization tool, embossed bead patterns can be identified in order to improve the performance of sheet metal structures.
  • The updated “Partition Tools” allow users to split the component into design and non-design areas. This is done by selecting a hole, pocket or surface from which an offset is automatically created.
  • The Bolt Pretension tool allows users to get more accurate results when screws / bolts are preloaded.

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