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Executive Board Elected For The Association For Software And Digitization

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Executive Board Elected For The Association For Software And Digitization
Executive Board Elected For The Association For Software And Digitization

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At the general meeting of the VDMA Software and Digitization Association at the end of November 2016, the members regularly elected a new board. Burkhard Röhrig, managing partner of GFOS mbH, handed over the task to the new chairman Karl Friedrich Schmidt, managing director of Accelcon Consulting after three years as chairman. Schmidt has many years of experience on board committees of the VDMA. From 2013 to 2016 he was deputy chairman of the trade association and since 2008 he has also been active on the board of the VDMA Landesverband Mitte for the federal states of Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarbrücken.

The positions of the deputies were also filled in the course of the election. Michael Finkler, Managing Director of Proalpha Business Solutions GmbH and Joern Kowalewski, Managing Partner of Macio GmbH, will support the Chairman in the future.

New board focuses on digitization of mechanical engineering

The board of directors has now been expanded to 11 people as the professional association continues to grow, digitization is gaining in importance and more and more digital business models are being developed. In addition to the chairman and the two deputies, the following company representatives are active on the newly elected board:

  • Matthias Dietel, Focalpoint Industrie 4.0, IBM Germany Research & Development GmbH
  • Peter Golz, Director Software Development Europe, Dematic GmbH
  • Martin Hofer, board member, Wassermann AG
  • Martin Hubschneider, CEO, CAS Software AG
  • Franz Koller, Managing Director, User Interface Design GmbH
  • Georg Kube, Global Vice President Industrial Machinery & Components, SAP SE
  • Wolfram Schäfer, founder and managing partner, IT Engineering GmbH
  • Urban August, CEO, Siemens PLM Software

The range of offers of the companies represented on the board of directors of the trade association covers the previous product and cross-sectional issues of the trade association such as MES, service management, agile software development, usability, supply chain management and Industry 4.0.

Digital transformation of mechanical and plant engineering

All members of the Executive Board see a special focus in the digital transformation of mechanical and plant engineering. Software solutions that drive the digitization of business processes are key factors, as is the need for in-house cultural change in order to find young people and adapt training and further education formats.

At the end of the general meeting, Schmidt therefore summarized the new direction of the board: "We want to develop new business models together with the machine builders in order to achieve the digital sovereignty of German companies vis-à-vis foreign countries and to strengthen digital skills in mechanical engineering." (Kj)

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