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Contactors From Schneider Electric Ensure More Energy Efficiency

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Contactors From Schneider Electric Ensure More Energy Efficiency
Contactors From Schneider Electric Ensure More Energy Efficiency

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The new contactor series Tesys D from Schneider Electric is said to be characterized by an electronically controlled coil. Compared to electromechanical coils in standard contactors, the series should have up to 80% less energy consumption and generate up to 50% less heat in the control cabinet. In this way, energy costs in process and manufacturing plants can be reduced and sustainability goals more easily achieved.

Less space required in machines and control cabinets

Due to its compact size, Tesys D Green requires less space in machines and control cabinets. According to Schneider Electric, four references per size cover the entire control voltage range from 24 V to 500 V - with direct and alternating current (AC / DC contactor). The direct control of the contactor by a PLC is expanded: The special variant BBE (24 V DC control voltage / 500 mA) enables contactors from 40 A to 65 A to be directly connected to a PLC without the need for a relay. These contactors also offer Everlink connectors, which ensure creep-free connections and are intended to reduce heat loss.

Circuit breaker

Distribute energy intelligently

Reduce heat generation and energy consumption in the control cabinet

By using a broadband coil, contactors from the Tesys-D-Green series are more resistant to voltage dips in the network and thus ensure greater availability of machines and systems. According to the manufacturer, they meet the SEMI-F47 standard and are therefore suitable for use in the semiconductor industry. In addition, the contactors should be characterized by a low-noise design, optimized contact strength in the event of mechanical shocks and vibrations, and reliable, continuous operation regardless of voltage fluctuations. In combination with the new Tesys LR9D electronic overload relay, Tesys D Green is intended to help reduce heat generation and energy consumption in the control cabinet housing.

With standard dimensions and pin assignments, Schneider Electric enables the direct exchange of other standard contactors regardless of the manufacturer. In addition, all Tesys-D-Green products are compatible with Tesys accessories.

Equipped with the best possible spool consumption

“Energy efficiency and sustainability are becoming increasingly important. We have equipped the new Tesys-D-Green series with the best possible coil consumption in order to achieve significant energy savings,”said Patrick Hick, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Schneider Electric. "With Tesys D Green, we are pushing ahead with sustainability." The Tesys D Green series is part of a complete portfolio of energy-saving products and services for industrial machines and processes at Schneider Electric. The Schütz family was developed to help companies achieve their environmental goals. The product was acquired by the Schneider Electric Green Premium Eco label on the basis of its eco-design because it meets the RoHS, REACH, PEP and EoLI environmental standards and requirements. (sh)

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