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New Fieldbus Coupler With Powerlink For Flexible Fieldbus Architectures

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New Fieldbus Coupler With Powerlink For Flexible Fieldbus Architectures
New Fieldbus Coupler With Powerlink For Flexible Fieldbus Architectures

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U-Remote makes it easy for users to set up fieldbus architectures tailored to their needs and to adapt them flexibly to individual customer requirements. Comfortable handling ensures uncomplicated installation, and extensive diagnostic functions help to optimize and accelerate processes. A web server integrated in the fieldbus coupler enables system diagnostics even before the controller is connected. Thanks to certification from the user organization EPSG, U-Remote is fully compatible with Powerlink version 2.

Modular I / O system

As one of the first third-party products, U-Remote can be fully integrated into the latest version of Automation Studio from B&R. The modular I / O system U-Remote with Powerlink connection is described using modular XDD files and can therefore be easily integrated into the engineering environment. When integrating machines and system parts into complex production lines, users benefit from the high migration and diagnostic capabilities of U-Remote. The B&R Automation Studio is a comprehensive software development environment with tools for all project stages, i.e. for control, drive, communication and visualization.

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The new U-Remote fieldbus coupler Powerlink has a powerful web server on board. With this, users parameterize and simulate the functionality of inputs and outputs without a controller having to be connected for diagnostics. In addition, with U-Remote the supply of the inputs and outputs is separated by two separate 10 A current paths (feed current for input and output modules max. 10 A each). The I / O modules can thus be planned and distributed flexibly and without make-up modules.

Integrated web server

The integrated web server also facilitates commissioning in sections and speeds up maintenance work. Whether diagnostics via remote access or the simulation of inputs as well as forcing the outputs on site - U-Remote does not require any special software for this, but only a standard Internet browser. The new web server design impresses with its high level of user-friendliness, clear structure and simplified navigation thanks to swipe functionality. In addition, the newly designed interface is optimized for mobile touch devices.

Another advantage: The web server is used for fast series configuration, for this purpose the configuration of the U-Remote station can be saved as a file and transferred to other stations via upload. Users can access the U-Remote web server via USB and the fieldbus interface. The new Powerlink fieldbus coupler has two rotary coding switches for setting the last digits of the IP address. This detail is advantageous when replacing the fieldbus coupler.

Connectors and terminal blocks

Connection technology for intelligent networking

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