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New Magnetic Multiturn Encoder Technology

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New Magnetic Multiturn Encoder Technology
New Magnetic Multiturn Encoder Technology

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Video: 50-Bit Full Magnetic Energy Harvesting Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder Module 2023, January

Optical encoders are sensitive and can fail under harsh environmental conditions, e.g. B. by the penetration of moisture or breakage of the fragile glass panes. ASM has therefore developed the Posihall magnetic multiturn sensor technology. Posihall sensors measure angular positions over up to 255 revolutions using a magnetic measuring principle. In contrast to conventional magnetic encoder technologies, the position is determined “really absolutely”. This means that regardless of interference, e.g. B. after a power failure, a correct measurement result is immediately delivered at any time. The truly absolute measurement is made possible by a gear-coupled multihall sensor system.

Can be mounted directly on the axle

Posihall sensors can be mounted directly on the rotation axis of a machine. In the robust, completely encapsulated version, Posihall sensors achieve a protection class up to IP69. Thanks to the contactless, magnetic multi-hall technology, measured values ​​can be recorded reliably even when the machine housing is e.g. B. is filled with oil or water due to a leak.

The sensor housing has an integrated protection against magnetic fields. Posihall sensors work in environments with field strengths of up to 0.5 T. Posihall sensors with redundant electronics are available for safety applications. They also work with high vibration loads, strong shocks and temperatures from -40 ° C to 85 ° C.


Posihall sensors are suitable for. B. for use in packaging machines, food processing machines, in the robust stainless steel version especially for mobile machines or for applications in the offshore sector as well as for solar and wind power plants.

The measuring range of the Posihall sensors is up to 31 x 360 ° for PH36, up to 255 x 360 ° for PH58 and PH68. The sensors are available in the digital output types SSI, CANopen and CAN SAE J1939 as well as in analog output types. The singleturn linearity is 0.3%. Posihall sensors achieve a resolution of 14 bits with one revolution. (jv)

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