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Into The Future With M12x1 X-coded Flange

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Into The Future With M12x1 X-coded Flange
Into The Future With M12x1 X-coded Flange

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The new M12x1 x-coded flange from Conec has been designed for 10 Gbit / s data transfer, SMT surface mounting and as a THR version. The THR version should enable surface mounting and suitability for reflow processes. This soldering has the known stability of wave soldering.

The flanges are made in two parts. This means that the insulating body and flange housing are structurally separate. In addition, they are available in a modular design, both in SMT and in THR technology. According to Conec, they are suitable for front mounting, are available for various installation heights standardized on the market and have been designed for both an axial and a radial shield connection.

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Insulating body without flange

The atypical appearance of the insulating body without flange is striking among the previous SMT / THR connectors. The user can mount the board with the insulating body in various flange geometries, in which the M12x1 thread can also be molded directly onto the board housing. The minimized design restrictions increase the creativity of the designer and should make it unnecessary to install separate flange housings in production.

The double and symmetrical arrangement of the contact springs refines the previous shielding concepts through an axial and radial connection to the flange side.

Time saving thanks to automatic assembly

If the user has to save on the radial or axial flange connection due to the ever smaller installation space resources, it is possible to use only one of the two types of contact. According to the manufacturer, the connector is automatically populated despite the spring elements. The circuit board assembler can use a suction cup system and use the applied adhesive pad to record the connector for the assembly. In this way, production times for circuit board assembly should be significantly reduced.

Due to the radial shield concept, it should be possible to compensate for a considerable tolerance range during installation without the contact resistances suffering. According to Conec, the electromagnetic separation of the four wire pairs according to CAT 6A is still 100% guaranteed. Since only minimal forces act on the board due to the radial shield connection, the board developer can position many connectors on the board. (sh)

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