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Study Provides Action-oriented Information For Training Companies

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Study Provides Action-oriented Information For Training Companies
Study Provides Action-oriented Information For Training Companies

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Video: Action-oriented vocational training steps 2023, January

The study is the most important double-perspective study on trainee marketing and recruiting in Germany: in 2016, over 4,600 schoolchildren, trainees and training managers took part in the nationwide online survey. The study allows the trainers' perspective to be compared with that of trainees and trainee applicants. Training companies thus become aware of different perspectives and receive action-oriented knowledge. This year, the perspective of pupils and trainees on the one hand and those responsible for training on the other will be supplemented by the perspective of the pupil-parents. U-Form Test Systems conducts live interviews at the “Entry” study and training fairs. Entry GmbH is a cooperation partner of the "Trainee Recruiting Trends 2017".

Topics 2017: channels, application process, parents and vocational school

In addition to the classics of trainee marketing and recruiting, such as channels, media and the application process, which are regularly included in the study, the trainee recruiting trends 2017 deliberately delve into the question of the role of parents in the career choice of young people. The study also takes into account the topicality of teaching in the vocational school and modern forms of learning. The “Trainee Recruiting Trends 2017” will again be scientifically supported this year by Prof. Dr. Christoph Beck (Koblenz University of Applied Sciences), one of the leading experts for recruiting and employer branding in Germany.

A closer look at mechanical engineering and public service

As in 2016, U-Form Test Systems, in cooperation with media partner MM MaschinenMarkt, will once again publish a "Mechanical Engineering Branch Edition". In 2017, for the first time, a "Sector Edition Public Sector" will be published. For this, U-Form Test Systems was able to win the "Authority Mirror" as a partner, the largest industry magazine for the public service. "We are delighted to be working together, as the public service organizations together represent the largest trainer in Germany," said Felicia Ullrich, managing director of U-Form Testsysteme.

Internet of Things

Analysis shows: Companies are increasingly looking for IoT experts

Results from previous years

In the past few years, the study has revealed some surprises. For example, the "Trainee Recruiting Trends 2014" painted a picture of trainee applicants as "self-confident seekers of meaning" who are aware of their own market value. With regard to the application formats, the 2015 study showed the trainee applicants to be partly more conservative than the training companies - with a pronounced sympathy for the paper application.

The helicopter parents, according to the "Trainee Recruiting Trends 2015", also come into their own when choosing a training place, but a large part of the students are left alone when looking for a training place. Finally, in 2016, the double-perspective survey made it clear that personal advice from parents or friends is the most important source of information for the search for an apprenticeship position, and that dual training has a very good reputation with trainees and companies alike, despite all calls to doom.

And so you participate

Training managers can participate at www.testsysteme.de/studie. Students and trainees can participate at www.ausbildungsstudie.de. The closing date for entries is March 31.

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