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First Optical, Open Absolute Encoder With Functional Safety

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First Optical, Open Absolute Encoder With Functional Safety
First Optical, Open Absolute Encoder With Functional Safety

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Video: AAP/SICK Absolute Encoders 2023, January

The Resolute FS measuring system, part of the Resolute series, offers all the advantages of the standard Resolute version but with FS certification. The standard resolute measuring system was designed using an integrated, separate and independent algorithm for checking the position intrinsically safe, which enables a seamless transition to full FS status and compliance with the standards ISO 13849-1: 2015 (Performance Level D) and IEC 61508: 2010 (SIL2) enabled.

Compatible with Siemens Drive Clique

A full FS certification is necessary to guarantee the safe operation of functions such as Safe Stops 1 and 2, Safe Operation Stop (SOS) and Safely Limited Speed ​​(SLS), which all encoders require with functional safety. A practical example of the SLS function in use is when a locked machine cover is opened during normal operation. The SLS function then limits the feed speed to 0.1 m / s and the spindle speed to 100 min-1, thus minimizing the risk of injury. Resolute FS is currently compatible with Siemens Drive-Clique serial communication protocols and is expected to be compatible with other FS protocols in the near future.

According to Renishaw, the Resolute measuring system is the world's most modern single-track, absolute non-contact measuring system; it offers a resolution of up to 1 nm, excellent long-term reliability, immediate operational readiness after switching on without moving to a reference point, and a speed of up to 100 m / s.

For demanding motion control applications

The Resolute series is ideally suited for sophisticated motion control applications and enables uniform speed control with cyclical errors of <± 40 nm and excellent position stability via noise (jitter) of <10 nm RMS. The advantages of an open absolute measuring system compared to closed designs include ring systems with large openings for easy installation, flat components with low inertia and no wear due to touching parts.

In addition, the easy installation of the Resolute measuring systems, due to the generous setting tolerances and an integrated setting LED, excellent contamination tolerance and the IP64 protection class, offers excellent performance, even with very long axes, such as those used in heavy industry. (jv)

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