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Rack And Pinion Gear For Gripping, Centering And Closing

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Rack And Pinion Gear For Gripping, Centering And Closing
Rack And Pinion Gear For Gripping, Centering And Closing

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The gearboxes of the Lifgo5 series from Leantechnik should meet the highest requirements in terms of lifting power, speed and synchronicity. Equipped with a gear rack that is 4-way roller-guided, they should ensure a high shear force absorption even with high loads. By combining two guide units, the standard version is the Lifgo double version. With two racks that move in opposite directions, according to the manufacturer, it is suitable for synchronous positioning, gripping and centering tasks.

Different movement options

The gearbox is used as 5.0, 5.1 or 5.3 in partially and fully functional systems from Leantechnik. The two parallel racks are driven by servo, three-phase, pneumatic or hydraulic drives via the pinion inside the gearbox. Depending on the required movement, either the rack is fixed or the gear is fixed while the rack is still freely movable, which means that the Lifgo gear can also be used as a double lifgolinear for long strokes in the opposite direction.

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Depending on the size, Lifgo double should achieve a lifting force of 2000 N to 15,900 N at a speed of 3 m / s. According to the company's own information, the gears operate with high precision even under enormous forces and enable positioning accuracy of up to ± 0.01 mm.

Use in Lifgo portal system

Areas of application can be found, for example, in the Lifgo portal system developed by Leantechnik. With the complex combination of palletizer and feeder with 3-axis gripper arm and 2-axis palletizer, Lifgodoppel helps to remove the raw parts and position them on a treadmill. In another case, Lifgo double works as a drive module within a gripper device for components of truck trailers that have to be transported after painting. (sh)

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