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Hi-CAD Supports Heterogeneous Design Departments

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Hi-CAD Supports Heterogeneous Design Departments
Hi-CAD Supports Heterogeneous Design Departments

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Video: HiCAD 2017 SP1 | ShortClips: Mounting drawings 2023, January

The 3D view station desktop from viewing provider Kisters is a universal 3D CAD viewer for native formats. Files from different CAD applications can be easily merged here and converted into common 3D and 2D formats such as 3D-PDF, Iges or JT-Open. With the Major Release 2017 of the ISD Group, designs from Hi-CAD can now also be exported to 3DVS format and exchanged for viewing purposes.

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Together with Kisters, the Hi-CAD data format (SZA and KRA) was also directly integrated into the 3D view station. The solution is therefore suitable for supporting heterogeneous design departments in which different CAD formats are used.

Make 3D design data available to all project participants

In particular, project participants from the adjacent departments such as sales, marketing, work preparation or manufacturing can easily access the 3D design data for viewing purposes. Productivity is increased, errors are minimized and communication and collaboration between departments is strengthened. Thanks to the modern office interface, operation is intuitive and user-friendly.

Manage data and documents centrally

The integration of the 3D view station in the PDM / PLM software Helios has also been possible for a long time. All data and documents generated during product creation are managed centrally with Helios and are always available at the moment. Thanks to the integration in Helios, the 3D CAD data can be visualized directly in Helios. According to the information, a further expansion of this integration is planned for the future, for example in the direction of an integrated comparison of different component levels. (mz)

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