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University Of Stuttgart Wants To Work More Closely With SMEs

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University Of Stuttgart Wants To Work More Closely With SMEs
University Of Stuttgart Wants To Work More Closely With SMEs

The University of Stuttgart offers small and medium-sized companies access to their scientific achievements and resources. The Go Future Club is intended to help - the concept of the initiative is solely for the cooperation between SMEs and the University of Stuttgart.

“The University of Stuttgart wants to break new ground with small and medium-sized companies. Unlike large corporations, these companies have not yet exhausted their potential when working with universities,”explains Rector of the University of Stuttgart, Prof. Wolfram Ressel. With the club, the university wants to offer companies offers for the long-term securing of their future and competitiveness. "In addition, the students get an insight into the fields of work of the future."

Germany's economic success is based on the creativity of medium-sized companies

The club should only serve the collaboration between SMEs and science
The club should only serve the collaboration between SMEs and science

Digitization, Industry 4.0 or a shortage of skilled workers always present small and medium-sized companies with new challenges. The changes in the labor market also call for new approaches from all those involved in the economy. "Students are often drawn to the globally renowned corporations," says Ressel. "But we must not forget that Germany's economic success and innovative capacity are also based to a large extent on the creativity of small and medium-sized companies. We therefore want to make the 'hidden champions' attractive to our students.”

In addition to the primary goal of research and teaching, Ressel wants to show the students new ways into the job market: “Small and medium-sized companies also offer attractive and future-proof jobs. The problem, however, is that many of these companies are still relatively unknown to young people. Because of the shortage of skilled workers in our economically strong region, there is a need for action."

Go Future Club is scheduled for launch in mid-March

The Rector explains that the Go Future Club is a new initiative with a wide range. The initiative offers access to personal contacts at the university, scientific forums and direct contacts to students and scientists. In addition, companies would have the opportunity to take part in university events at home and abroad. "Everyone should benefit from the club - companies, students and the University of Stuttgart," says Ressel.

Innovation laboratory

How do we work tomorrow?

The Go Future Club is based on an idea by two Stuttgart entrepreneurs, which was developed together with the University of Stuttgart. The club was founded by the managing directors of Suxes GmbH, Jürgen Fürst, and Dau Kommunikation GmbH, Christian Dau. On March 15, 2017, the rector of the University of Stuttgart will present the club and its services at an information event. Membership is linked to an annual membership fee, which is based on the number of employees in the respective company. (kj)

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