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Bionic Lightweight Construction In The Process Chain

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Bionic Lightweight Construction In The Process Chain
Bionic Lightweight Construction In The Process Chain

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Video: Structure, Material, Software: The Future of Bioinspired Lightweight Design! 2023, January

Lightweight construction takes place through the use of new materials, advanced classic manufacturing processes and their combination. By means of additive manufacturing (AM), especially with metallic materials, and based on natural model structures, completely new structures can be produced. Using the example of a chassis component, the Hirschvogel Automotive Group and the Alfred Wegener Institute of the Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research at the lightweight construction summit in Würzburg on March 9 and 10 show how these optimizations can be integrated into the process chain.

Integrate into the process chain

In a joint research project, the partners examined the application of new development and optimization tools for possibilities and limits of their integration into the process chain of additive manufacturing. The basis of the lightweight construction process was the "Evolutionary Light Structure Engineering" (ELiSE) process - which allows constructive lightweight construction based on nature. Behind this is a patented, bionic product development process for lightweight solutions. In the research project, a chassis component made of aluminum is used as a demonstrator component. In addition to a significantly lower weight, the main focus was on the load-optimized construction of lattice structures.In addition, the focus of the research work was on the production-oriented design of the component and on the process-specific design of support structures.

The development results should serve as a step towards full coverage of the AM development process: from component design, through production preparation and additive manufacturing to post-processing of the component. In the tandem lecture, Daniel Siegel, Application Group Leader, Bionic Lightweight Construction Department at the Alfred Wegener Institute, and Michael Dahme, Head of Hirschvogel “Tech Solutions”, discuss the development and optimization methods used. At the same time, they explain the approach of a comprehensive process chain - from development to component manufacture.

Concrete application examples, lectures and personal discussions on lightweight automotive construction are the focus of the "Automobil Industrie" lightweight construction summit on 9 and 10 March in Würzburg: www. Leichtbau-gipfel.de

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