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Generate Using Build-up Welding

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Generate Using Build-up Welding
Generate Using Build-up Welding

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Video: Build Up Hardsurfacing 2023, January

At the Formnext trade fair in Frankfurt, the laser system manufacturer Trumpf showed new solutions and applications for LMD technology, which is also known as laser cladding. Trumpf uses laser metal deposition to address a wide variety of industries and applications. In addition to additive manufacturing, this also includes connection technology and the production of layer systems.

Reduce repair costs

In aviation, the LMD process is already an established and mature technology that is used, for example, to repair gas turbines or compressor blades. The process is stable and reproducible and the quality of the volumes applied meets the high requirements of the aviation industry.

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In this branch, maintenance work and the maintenance of technical systems and plants offer high growth potential for the LMD process. Specific example: Blisk technology (Blade Integrated Disk) is increasingly used in engine and turbine construction. A blisk is a component that consists of a disc and several blades. Advantage: The blisk technology not only reduces the assembly costs, but above all the overall weight of the turbine or the engine. Disadvantage: If a blisk is worn or damaged, the renewal becomes complex and expensive. Laser metal deposition can be used to repair and restore a blisk by repairing damaged areas or cracks using laser and powder.By simply repairing a blisk, turbine and engine manufacturers can reduce their repair costs by up to 92%.

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