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Generate Precise Press Force Faster

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Generate Precise Press Force Faster
Generate Precise Press Force Faster

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Video: Drill through anything (conductive) with Electrical Discharge Machining 2023, February

Tox Pressotechnik presented the new Tox EX-F series of its electromechanical servo drives.

Based on the basic components such as planetary screw and directly driven motor, the engineers want to have developed very compact and extremely fast electromechanical servo drives despite the larger components. They should be characterized by a very high power density, the larger components (for shorter cooling times and the associated increase in cycles), the consistent design for continuous operation, and the integrated, high-precision force measurement.

Short-term overload in the range of 10% of the nominal power

According to the manufacturer, five sizes cover a wide range of applications: From the type EX-F 005 with a maximum piston speed of 800 mm / s and nominal forces of 5 kN pushing or 3 kN pulling, to the type EX-F 100 with a maximum Piston speed of 300 mm / s and nominal forces of 100 kN pushing or 30 kN pulling. Common to all sizes and capacities is the possibility of a temporary overload in the range of 10% of the nominal power as well as a positioning / repetition accuracy in the range of ± 0.01 mm.

Adjustable drives

Tox Pressotechnik receives innovation award 2015/2016

Automatic lubrication device and other accessories

The Tox Electric Drive EX-F press force drives are also available in the two standard stroke lengths of 150 mm and 300 mm; Special designs are also available on request. An option is the protection class IP65. Numerous accessories are also available, for example an automatic lubrication device. The drive units, including the controller and supply lines, are delivered as ready-to-connect systems.

The servo drives should be suitable for all applications in production and assembly, in which reproducibly precise pressing forces are required in continuous operation, for example when pressing in, pressing, joining / clinching, caulking, and the like. (sh)

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