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Gleason Takes Over Kisssoft AG

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Gleason Takes Over Kisssoft AG
Gleason Takes Over Kisssoft AG

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Video: Highlights in KISSsys-Release 03/2018, June 21st, 2018 2023, January

Gleason Corporation announces that it has acquired Kisssoft AG, based in Bubikon, Switzerland. Kisssoft is active in the development of design software for gears and gears and serves customers in many different industrial sectors worldwide. Gleason is a manufacturer of machines for the production of all types of gears as well as the associated accessories, automation solutions and plastic gears.

New solutions and global reach as an opportunity

Dr. Ulrich Kissling, founder and managing director of the company, comments: “We are happy about the future partnership with Gleason. We see this as an opportunity to offer our customers new solutions. In addition, Gleasons global reach and long-term customer relationships in the gear industry will open new doors for our products.”

John J. Perrotti, President and Chief Executive Officer of Gleason, said: “Uniting our companies will release significant synergies. We can offer our customers added value through the direct connection of design and production knowledge. The merger opens up the potential to radically improve design efficiency and the optimal manufacturing method for new designs. The Kisssoft team has built up a large base of loyal customers and we look forward to serving these customers together in the future.”

According to the company, the management team and the entire Kisssoft workforce are to be taken over in unchanged form. (kj)


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