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Refrigerators From Rittal Receive The Best Of Industry Award

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Refrigerators From Rittal Receive The Best Of Industry Award
Refrigerators From Rittal Receive The Best Of Industry Award

Video: Refrigerators From Rittal Receive The Best Of Industry Award

Video: Refrigerators From Rittal Receive The Best Of Industry Award
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The trade magazine MM Maschinenmarkt honored it with the best-of-industry award "excellence in industry". Companies were honored in eight different categories that have already been nominated for the award or have met with tremendous reader interest. In the automation category, the trade magazine honored the "Blue e +" devices from Rittal.

Protect control technology, extend service life

The hybrid technology behind the cooling units is intended to reduce energy consumption and CO 2 emissions by an average of 75%. According to the company, the temperature control protects the control electronics and extends the service life. Overheating and thus loss of production should be avoided. The devices communicate with their surroundings via intelligent interfaces, report potential malfunctions at an early stage and are compatible with mobile devices.

Industry award

Machine market awards "Best of Industry Award 2017"

"We are happy about the award," says Frank Himmelhuber, Head of Research and Development at Rittal. "It shows that Blue e + is an advanced product with customer benefits that also supports climate protection."

Readers and the jury rate the products

The winners of the Best of Industry Award 2017 were determined by a two-stage evaluation process. The result of an online reader vote was included in the overall result with 60 percent, the votes of an expert jury to 40 percent. Almost 11,000 votes in eight categories were cast online in a few weeks. The jury evaluated the nominees according to the criteria of "degree of technical innovation" and "benefits for industry, environment and society".

Additional information on the topic These are the winners in alphabetical order

  • Additive manufacturing - Autodesk with the Dreamcatcher project
  • Drive technology - cable consulting with the energy and resource efficient drive system Energy Light
  • Automation - Rittal with the Blue e + generation of cooling units
  • Industrial engineering - Serapid with the Link Lift chain
  • Industry 4.0 - Schaeffler with the machine tool 4.0
  • Material flow - Jungheinrich with the EKX 516 narrow aisle truck
  • Robotics - Liebherr gear technology with the Bin Picking robot application
  • Machining - Waldrich Coburg with the Taurus portal milling machine

According to the company, the hybrid technology of the cooling devices has been tested by automobile manufacturers in over 75 percent less energy consumption. The technology works through the interplay of a compressor cooling unit and a heat pipe. The compressor is only used when passive cooling is no longer sufficient. Due to their multi-voltage capability, the devices can be operated in all common networks. Standardized communication interfaces should enable the connection to Industry 4.0 structures. (kj)