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Fix, Position, Secure And Lock

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Fix, Position, Secure And Lock
Fix, Position, Secure And Lock

Video: Fix, Position, Secure And Lock

Video: Fix, Position, Secure And Lock
Video: SAF / Split Blocks: Features, Installation & Maintenance 2023, December

Whether in tool and mechanical engineering, in medical technology, in the electronics industry and also in many other industries - resilient pressure pieces are used where components have to be installed and removed quickly or moving parts have to be locked. In industries such as medical technology, where cleanliness is important, abrasion is intolerable. When locking components made of softer materials, such as aluminum, minimal wear must also be observed to increase the service life of the material.

They consist of a sleeve with an internal spring and ball. The bearing of the ball allows rolling, which should minimize wear on the counterpart.

Many different versions from stock

The sleeve is usually made of burnished free-cutting steel or stainless steel (1.4305), the spring made of stainless steel and the ball made of hardened ball bearing steel or hardened, stainless steel. The plastic-bearing balls are electrically insulated and can be used in a temperature range from –30 ° C to 90 ° C. Halder also offers variants with increased spring force. All spring plungers are specially checked for spring travel and spring force.

Standard parts

Stable and fast pipe constructions

The resilient thrust pieces with rolling balls are available from stock in the diameters M5, M6, M8, M10, M12 and M16. For installation, users have the choice between versions with a slot or hexagon socket. On request, the spring plungers are also available with thread lock and in special designs. (br)