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Integrated Gripping Solution For Robot Systems From Universal Robots

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Integrated Gripping Solution For Robot Systems From Universal Robots
Integrated Gripping Solution For Robot Systems From Universal Robots

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Video: Adaptable Gripping Solution for Universal Robots 2023, January

In addition to the actual gripping module, the grip kits from Weiss Robotics include all components for mounting on the robot arm and for connection to the robot controller. This includes the appropriate electrical and mechanical adapters between the robot and the gripping module, as well as the necessary connection cables and detailed integration instructions with application examples.

Accelerated programming

According to Weiss, the programming is carried out entirely via the supplied UR Caps Plug-In, which extends the UR robot control with graphic function blocks for gripping. This should reduce the training period to a minimum and accelerate the programming of pick & place applications.

The grip kits are available as purely electrical and as electropneumatic gripping solutions with parallel and centric grippers and thus cover a wide range of handling applications. According to Weiss, the purely electrical Gripkit-E is particularly suitable for applications in which the fingers have to be pre-positioned due to the process and gripping forces have to be adjusted flexibly, for example when separating electronic assemblies or when handling delicate components. The Gripkit-E is equipped with IEG grippers and available in two sizes.

Compact electromagnetic grippers

Weiss Robotics offers the Gripkit-P for applications that require a high gripping force. The electro-pneumatic RPG and ZPG grippers are used here, according to the manufacturer, in which valve technology, position sensors and gripper control are already fully integrated in the housing. A compact structure similar to that of the purely electrical solution is thus achieved, which has a positive effect on the interference contour and thus on the accessibility to the process.

For easy handling of different objects, all grip kits support freely parameterizable handles that can be flexibly parameterized directly on the robot controller. Since the control is always carried out via the same UR Caps plug-in, a simple migration between the different grip kits should be possible without any problems. Batch handling applications were also considered. According to Weiss, this makes Gripkit the first solution in the industry that natively supports the operation of up to eight grippers on a robot controller. (jv)

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