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Quality Casting At Competitive Prices

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Quality Casting At Competitive Prices
Quality Casting At Competitive Prices

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Video: Carson Castings 2 Minute Overview 2023, January

Dihag Holding uses the strengths of the foundry association to offer customers worldwide market-oriented solutions with a high added value rate. Meuselwitz Guss, a foundry for large and heavy castings in central Germany, focuses on fair castings that are resource-saving and cost-effective. The iron foundry advises its customers on pourable construction and material selection, including cast iron with lamellar graphite, nodular cast iron and the latest mixed-crystal strengthened construction materials with spheroidal graphite. The latter are among the latest product developments and meet the increasing need for materials that are characterized by comparatively good machinability and enable lightweight construction of heavy-duty components.Areas of application are cast parts in the weight range from 250 to 80,000 kg for machine tool construction, wind energy plants, plastic injection molding machines, press construction and drive technology.

The Schmiedeberger foundry is presenting itself at the Hannover Messe with an expanded vertical range of manufacture. Since 2016, the casting expert has been running his own production with mechanical processing of cast parts in the weight range from 0.3 to 400 kg. The foundry cuts high-quality raw castings in a time-efficient manner and according to customer specifications into ready-to-install components. This saves users logistics and transport costs. (ud)

Hannover Messe 2017: Hall 5, Stand B18

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