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Configurable Sensor Bearings For Machine And Process Monitoring

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Configurable Sensor Bearings For Machine And Process Monitoring
Configurable Sensor Bearings For Machine And Process Monitoring

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The warehouse is the heart of the machine. At least that's how Christoph Wegner sees it. The program manager FAG Variosense Bearing at Schaeffler explains this: "The measurement of the loads and displacements in the warehouse ideally permits the assessment of processes and machine conditions." The following applies: The more precise the measurement and the larger the number of measured variables, the sharper becomes the digital image. Against this background, Schaeffler is presenting the flexibly configurable FAG Variosense bearings at the Hannover Messe 2017. They are intended to record a combination of different measured variables, each adapted to the application, and to make them available for analysis and calculation. With this, according to Wegner, "the sensorized warehouse becomes the central enabler for digitization".

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The mechatronics developers from Schaeffler integrated several sensor elements into an annular housing with a height of only 7 mm for this task. The installation space of the sensor cluster thus corresponds approximately to that of a radial shaft seal. For easy handling, the sensor housing is firmly connected to the outer ring and the sensor ring is firmly connected to the bearing inner ring. The result is a very compact unit.

The outstanding feature of the sensor cluster is that the number and combination of the measured variables can be individually set by the customer for each application. The following are currently available as measurands:

  • the temperature in the range from -40 ° C to 125 ° C,
  • the rotational speed of up to 17,000 min -1, including direction of rotation detection,
  • the number of revolutions or the position with 56-96 pulses / revolution (depending on the size),
  • Vibration signals for long-term trend statements and
  • the maximum radial shaft displacement with a resolution of 1 µm.

The measurement of the radial shaft displacement on the bearing enables the radial bearing force on the sensor bearing to be determined using the known relationships. If the drive train in question is stored as an algorithm with the Bearinx calculation software in the Schaeffler cloud, the forces and displacements on the other bearings and machine elements such as e.g. B. gears and the torque can be determined indirectly. This means that the most important variables for process parameter monitoring of machines and systems are known and a very large additional benefit for the operator can be realized. For example, overloads can be easily detected and torque limitation and, if necessary, the drive switched off.

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