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Why Residual Current Devices Make Sense

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Why Residual Current Devices Make Sense
Why Residual Current Devices Make Sense

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The cost of machine downtime can easily amount to tens of thousands of euros. Many companies operate with minimal inventory, while processes must run with more than 95% availability to meet demand. Therefore, downtimes can quickly lead to a delivery bottleneck and have an impact on sales and customer confidence.

Circuit protection and in particular digital residual current devices (RCDs) enable machine builders to help their customers in the manufacturing sector become more available, because such systems enable local and remote monitoring with pre-warning functions. This technology provides the maintenance staff with information about the condition of the machine and thus facilitates preventive maintenance, which ultimately leads to less downtime.

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Function of a residual current device

Residual current devices protect against harmful electrical interference in which fault and leakage currents are caused by fault conditions within an electrical circuit. These currents can have devastating effects on the human body, ventricular fibrillation or worse; if they lead to machine failure, this affects profit. Fires can also be triggered by fault currents.

Residual current devices have been around for decades. They reliably protect people and machines. The first patents were awarded to Professor Dr. Biegelmeier granted, and further developments followed with the first permanent magnet release in 1965. This is still the core technology of modern residual current devices. The first digital residual current device with type B and B + technologies came on the market in 2014. The benefits of residual current devices are well known, but digital residual current devices herald a new era in preventive maintenance.

Latest digital RCD technologies

IEC 60364 and the corresponding national standards or the NEC (National Electrical Code) for North America form the basis for the installation of electrical low-voltage systems worldwide. In addition, the IEC 60204 series of standards is of fundamental importance for industrial plants because it affects the electrical safety of machines. According to the standard, the electrical equipment of a machine must meet all the safety requirements that were determined in the risk assessment of the machine. Practical experience proves that residual current devices help to reduce the potential hazard. Another aspect recommended by IEC 60204 is preventive maintenance. By using the latest digital RCD technologies, machine builders can implement appropriate measures.

Additional information on tip: White paper on the topic

Eaton has published several white papers on the subject, including "Increasing machine availability through digital residual current protection", "Current-limiting components - Improving SCCR by strengthening the weakest components" and "Protection circuits - an indispensable part of your machine". All white papers can be downloaded free of charge from the company's website.

Perfect choice for machine builders

Because digital residual current devices combine their protective functionality with digital functions. This is unique on the market for protective devices for circuits. By working together, these functions provide extensive information about the circuit status and improve the availability of the protected system or machine. The digital technology is applied to residual current circuit breakers as well as to FI / LS combination circuit breakers.

These devices continuously measure the residual current value in real time and use the results obtained to locally control local prewarning LEDs and potential-free prewarning signals. These pre-warnings allow maintenance personnel to troubleshoot evolving problems before causing interruptions or failures. The system status can be read at any time. Cost savings are possible because there are fewer unplanned service calls. Further savings result because the tests only have to be carried out once a year.

Improved system availability

System availability is also further improved, as the digital protective devices have short-time tripping and optimized tripping limits, which ensure that short, temporary malfunctions do not cause false tripping and lower system availability.

IoT solution

T-Systems and Eaton network industrial applications in the cloud


Residual current circuit breakers ensure maximum operational safety

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