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Alarm Detector Warns Of Excessive Wind Strength

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Alarm Detector Warns Of Excessive Wind Strength
Alarm Detector Warns Of Excessive Wind Strength

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Wind can be measured in very different ways. The most well-known wind measuring device is the wind wheel, which each of us has experienced before. However, the wind wheel depends on the direction and must stand or be held exactly in the wind direction. The impeller anemometer or also known as the shell anemometer has been around since 1842. With this device the direction from which the wind comes is irrelevant.

A special model to measure the wind speed is the PCE-WSAC 50 from PCE Germany. The alarm has a voltage supply of 230, 12 or 24 V and two alarm relays, each with a changeover contact. The relay can be set individually when the alarm is triggered visually and acoustically. An alarm relay triggers the pre-alarm at a previously set value, the incoming wind speed.

The alarm can be freely configured

The second alarm relay triggers the main alarm when the set value is reached. With the alarm, the alarm can be freely configured, which is why the measuring device can be used wherever there is work with wind or where there can be no wind. In addition, the alarm can be used to control or switch other devices: let the signal transmitter, window closing mechanisms or an antenna mast retract automatically if the wind is too strong. In addition, the anemometer has an RS485 interface for data communication.

Owners of smaller and larger yachts that are traveling for several days can be warned when the wind speeds are too high with the help of the warning device, when it becomes dangerous. In another location, where heavy objects such as containers have to be moved from A to B with a crane, the warning device can sound an alarm when the wind is too strong, since this can even put people's lives at risk. The warning detector can be installed stationary wherever a continuous control of the wind speed is necessary.

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