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Can Be Mounted Upside Down

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Can Be Mounted Upside Down
Can Be Mounted Upside Down

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Video: BGPM Upside down mounting on C-rail (2 options) 2023, January

RK Rose + Krieger developed the Multilift II Safety lifting column especially for overhead applications in media technology. Here it serves, among other things, for the correct positioning of projectors or monitors. In this case, the lifting column is mounted upside down on the ceiling. A specially developed internal safety system prevents the lifting column from moving out in an uncontrolled manner.

Existing product series supplemented

  • The company completes the SLZ series with the rod-shaped design of the SLZ 63 heavy-duty electric cylinder. The variant in which the motor is not mounted in parallel but in the extension of the cylinder is available with a ball screw drive or trapezoidal screw.
  • The holder for tablets expands the range of accessories for the RK monitor holder. This also includes various wall brackets, a ball joint for flexible positioning of light screens as well as a support arm system and a keyboard shelf.
  • The cable duct profile KK-40x20 was added to the portfolio due to numerous customer requests. The smallest design of the cable duct profiles rounds off the product range.
  • In addition, RK Rose + Krieger presents its product portfolio of linear, connection and profile assembly technology and the latest developments from the recent past - including the RK Monoline.


Hannover Messe 2017: Hall 16, Stand E18

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