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Assistance Systems Are Designed To Support The Organization Of Work In The Digital Age

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Assistance Systems Are Designed To Support The Organization Of Work In The Digital Age
Assistance Systems Are Designed To Support The Organization Of Work In The Digital Age

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Above all, psychological stress such as the pressure to schedule and perform, multitasking and the resulting adverse effects on health have increased in many industries. This shows the current employee survey of the State Institute for Work Design (LIA.nrw). New occupational health and safety instruments should no longer only focus on workforces, departments or work teams as a whole, but should also take an individual look at employees. You should be asked: "What is your particular burden?" In the recently launched Balance-Guard project network, an assistance system is therefore being developed and tested that is intended to support individual as well as company prevention strategies.

Employee diary as a self-exploration tool

Balance-Guard works like a kind of employee diary and can be used as a learning and self-exploration tool, explains Emanuel Beerheide from LIA.nrw: “Modern, subjective forms of work are more and more demanding for employees. Work consolidation and demands for flexibility restrict the scope for sufficient relaxation and healthy working. We want to respond to this challenge with the Balance Guard. It should make it possible to document everyday workloads and their effects at short, personally defined intervals. In addition to courses of these parameters, relationships between them can also be observed in the evaluations. With this opportunity to investigate cause-and-effect relationships related to the world of work,the application is fundamentally different from other self-observation tools that are currently on the market.”

Tips and coaching included

A tool is being developed in which the participating employee receives feedback immediately after entering the data. The values ​​can then be compared with those of the previous week, for example. In addition, the user is provided with personalized tips, coaching and training opportunities, says Beerheide: “It is important to us to strengthen employees in their self-management with regard to stress and their own resources. However, this must not lead to additional burdens due to excessive self-optimization. Rather, employees must be able to help shape working conditions in their companies and teams. For a successful use of the Balance Guard in companies, all operational actors must be involved."

Additional information about the project

An interdisciplinary team works together in the Balance Guard project. In addition to the State Institute for Work Design North Rhine-Westphalia (LIA.nrw) as the network coordinator, Stock Informatik GmbH & Co. KG (Fröndenberg) and gaus gmbh - medien bildung politikberatung (Dortmund) as development partners. The application is tested in the Caritasverband Hannover eV (Hannover) and in Manpower GmbH & Co. KG Personaldienstleistungen (Eschborn). The practice partners are anchored in social services and temporary work. The project will be funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research until 2019 as part of the funding priority "Preventive measures for the safe and healthy work of tomorrow".

Use established structures in the company

It is planned that the application will also refer to existing offers and established structures within the company, for example measures of occupational health management, company doctors or an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Balance-Guard is developed in close exchange with employees and company stakeholders. The data collected is primarily used for individual advice to the participating employees. In a further step, anonymized partial data sets can be used to develop company preventive measures (company health management), for company organizational and personnel development, or for scientific purposes.In contrast to normal employee surveys, information is recorded over a longer period. For example, it will be possible to determine whether there are monthly or weekly peaks for stress within the company with regard to the stresses / strains on the employees. (mz)

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