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Ceyoniq Awards Research Project On The Workplace Of The Future

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Ceyoniq Awards Research Project On The Workplace Of The Future
Ceyoniq Awards Research Project On The Workplace Of The Future

Video: Ceyoniq Awards Research Project On The Workplace Of The Future

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Video: Future Workplace Awards 2018 2023, January

Ceyoniq Technology GmbH donated HTC Vive VR video glasses for research on "Virtual and Augmented Reality for the Future Workplace".

Mesh modeling benefits from realistic representations of 3D objects

"The development of data glasses and VR software is making rapid progress, the strategic value of this innovative technology for companies is increasing noticeably," says Andreas Ahmann, managing director of Ceyoniq Technology GmbH. The Bielefeld-based specialist for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) was one of the main sponsors of the two-day conference at the Citec.

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With the research project "Clay More - Immersive Mesh Modeling", which was awarded by Ceyoniq, Philipp Ladwig, Jannik Fiedler and Jan Beutgen showed how classic mesh modeling can benefit from VR thanks to realistic representations of 3D objects and the natural interaction with them. In a private project, the students of the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences built a future-oriented framework with which they demonstrated the advantages and disadvantages of immersive modeling. The hardware-generic framework should enable a better perception of the modeling object and thereby offer an alternative to the classic modeling workplace.

Check software or entire factory plants for functionality

At the Citec conference, numerous experts from research on virtual reality came together to get an overview of the current state of technological development. For this, they were able to gain practical experience of their own and try out research prototypes themselves or find out about VR systems from one of the ten participating exhibitors. One of the most important innovations was the concept of a reality simulator. It enables developers to test software or entire factory plants for their functionality in virtual reality before the costly first production. The principle is also suitable for training and studying. Conserving resources, users can train activities in the virtual environment.

Virtual reality: Ceyoniq invests in research

Due to the wide range of applications of virtual reality in the corporate context, Ceyoniq Technology has been involved in research for some time. In 2015 Ceyoniq started a joint research project with a working group of Dr. Thies Pfeiffer successfully at the Citec. The result was an innovative VR client that enables browsing in digital databases in a virtual environment. With the help of virtual reality glasses, the user perceives a virtual office created around his real workplace. There he can intuitively control familiar DMS processes through gestures and movements.

Virtual reality

Enlarge the office with the virtual desk

Ahmann sees great potential especially in so-called augmented reality, i.e. the merging of virtual elements with the real work environment: “Digital content can represent real added value in direct connection with physical objects, for example when documents or files are enriched with further information, Links or videos.”Likewise, the contextual relationships between different elements could be visualized, clustered and linked more easily thanks to the three-dimensional representation. (mz)

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