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Consistently Geared Towards In-house Production

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Consistently Geared Towards In-house Production
Consistently Geared Towards In-house Production

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Suhner Holding AG, Lupfig, is convinced that quality and efficiency, but also logistics and service must be right in order to survive on the market. The company therefore develops, manufactures and sells its products itself and consequently relies on in-house production. With success. Founded in 1914, the Swiss provider of industrial products from the fields of surface processing, automation, drive technology, as well as punching and bending technology celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014.

The Abrasive division offers professional hand tools for cutting, grinding and polishing. Suhner is the only manufacturer to cover three areas: power tools, pneumatic tools and machines with a flexible shaft. Around 8,000 abrasives complement the portfolio.

Reduce time and costs while optimizing quality and processes for customers in the Automation division. "We have a lot of experience in cost-effective automation of manufacturing processes," explains Stjepan Deranja, area sales manager for bevel gears and marketing coordinator of the drive technology division at Suhner. The range of services includes standard units for the

rationalization of drilling, thread cutting and milling, heavy machining units, driven and stationary CNC tools as well as plant construction. "This allows us to use a modular system with many options for standard and special solutions", Deranja makes the advantage clear.

Respond flexibly to customer requests

Flexible shafts, spiral bevel gears as well as electric and compressed air motors form the program of the Flexible Drive Technology business unit. The company is present worldwide with the drive and power transmission components. Variable speeds, high noise and shock absorption as well as flexible power transmission up to 80 nm are the most important properties of the components. Depending on customer requirements, Suhner can react flexibly, explains Deranja: "We manufacture individual parts or complete assemblies in both standardized and customer-specific versions".

In addition, Unipress, as a subsidiary of the Suhner Group, develops and manufactures stamped and bent parts with its own engineering and tool construction in close cooperation with the customer. They are manufactured on modern high-speed stamping machines with a punching force of up to 400 t. "By integrating feed parts, we are also able to manufacture entire assemblies here," emphasizes Deranja.

The basis for the company's innovations is the know-how that Suhner has built up over decades in the design of its own systems and components. The ideas and experiences that Suhner employees gain through analysis of the markets and close customer contact in sales also flow into the products.

The components and individual parts of the drive machines, flexible shafts, gears, processing units and tools are manufactured in-house at Suhner. "This is how we consistently ensure the high quality of our products," explains Deranja. And: "We are also responsive to respond to customer requests." (ud)

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