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Move Loads Up To 48 Tons Easily And Safely

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Move Loads Up To 48 Tons Easily And Safely
Move Loads Up To 48 Tons Easily And Safely

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The S series has been characterized by a particularly low installation height of 125 mm for many years and offers a high load capacity of up to 48 t. The long-established trolleys have recently been completely revised and are now also available in a modern design using bending technology. This makes the steering units and chassis cassettes significantly lighter, more compact and therefore significantly more manageable. The compact drawbar, new to the steering mechanism with a capacity of 24 t, contributes to the drastic weight reduction just like the new castors.

Handy thanks to its compact design

The undercarriage sets optionally consist of steering and undercarriage units with 16 or 24 t capacity each. The new compact design makes handling much more ergonomic for the user. The axles are pivoted (not on the JFB 16). This leads to an even load on all rollers and also on the floor.

The new design was made possible because the rollers with a smaller width with an improved covering have a higher load capacity. The narrower castors with a width of only 60 mm significantly reduce the steering forces and offer significantly less rolling resistance when cornering. The indestructible Juwathan covering (a polyurethane mixture) with a further improved recipe is applied to a steel core. Even metal chips are simply rolled out and do not get stuck in the surface. The roller is therefore suitable for almost all soil conditions. The red dust caps protect the ball bearings of the rollers even in difficult environments. For extreme loads, steel rollers can also be offered on request.

AMB 2016: Hall 9, Stand B02

Motek 2016: Hall 3, booth 3111

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