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Saving Energy Thanks To Freewheel

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Saving Energy Thanks To Freewheel
Saving Energy Thanks To Freewheel

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Video: Inductive spiking, and how to fix it! 2023, January

The motors of accumulation conveyors are permanently under stress. This is because the drive power is not only needed to divert the pallet from the lower to the upper run. Rather, it is the friction of the individual pallets that the accumulation conveyor constantly hits - even if not a single part is conveyed in the process. In this phase, the accumulation conveyor is therefore a real energy destruction machine.

The new accumulation conveyor from Tünkers Maschinenbau GmbH with its patented freewheel system, on the other hand, is designed to disengage and thus significantly reduce energy and maintenance costs.

Fewer stop cells or separations required

Each pallet has a coupling element that actuates a freewheel when moving onto the stopper or onto the next pallet. This means that fewer stop cells or separations are required.

Due to the lower engine power to be installed and lower power consumption during operation, the Tünkers accumulation conveyor should have significantly better energy efficiency than conventional systems. In addition, mechanical active components in the belt can be reduced, which minimizes the control effort (valves, PLC) - according to Tünkers, another cost-saving advantage of the one-way clutch. (sh)

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