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Solutions For Human-robot Collaboration And Plastic Laser Cutting

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Solutions For Human-robot Collaboration And Plastic Laser Cutting
Solutions For Human-robot Collaboration And Plastic Laser Cutting

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For years, Kuka has been at the forefront when it comes to developing new solutions that enable people and robots to work together without a protective fence. At the Motek trade fair, Kuka is showing the flexible Kuka Flex Fellow robot unit, such as is used in an engine upgrade line from the automobile manufacturer VW. There, the Flex Fellow supports human colleagues in tightening the screwed connections on the underside of the motor; the motor is delivered from an automated guided vehicle (AGV) to the respective work station. Human-robot collaboration means a big plus for the ergonomics of the workplace, where the employees would otherwise have to operate the screwdriver at knee height.

Robot automatically detects screw position

The solution is based on the engineering from Kuka Systems and the seven-axis lightweight robot LBR Iiwa. Thanks to its sensitive properties, the Kuka Flex Fellow can independently feel the position of the motor screws - even if the AGV does not stop exactly at the workstation. Thanks to the moment sensors, the robot detects when it touches a person and stops.

The entire workplace - such as the screwdriver, any positioning devices and the platform with the human-machine interface - must be designed for an application for human-robot collaboration (HRC). This means that the components meet the usual technical requirements, but at the same time have to be lighter, rounder and overall safer. For this purpose, Kuka offers a broad portfolio in the area of ​​advanced technology solutions for integrators and end customers, from HRC engineering and HRC components to certified complete systems.

Everything integrated, extremely compact

The Kuka Flex Fellow integrates all the necessary components: the customer-specific robot control, a power supply for the screwdriver, a traffic light to visualize the system status, and the shutdown module. This makes it extremely compact.

"In the automotive industry there is no space for external systems with a large protective fence," says Henning Borkeloh, Vice President Advanced Technology Solutions at Kuka Systems. "A conventional industrial robot would need up to five times as much space as the Flex Fellow - VW would have had to rebuild the entire line." This makes production extremely flexible. The Flex Fellow can be moved to a new location at any time and entire systems can be assembled and quickly rebuilt from several units. In this way, ever greater variety of variants and shorter product cycles can be mastered efficiently. "Versatile assembly systems with MRK in the sense of the 'lean production idea' instead of large robots behind fences, that is our vision," says Henning Borkeloh.

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