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Optimally Design Extrusion Processes With Ansys Poly-Flow

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Optimally Design Extrusion Processes With Ansys Poly-Flow
Optimally Design Extrusion Processes With Ansys Poly-Flow

Video: Optimally Design Extrusion Processes With Ansys Poly-Flow

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Video: (60fps) Getting Started: Polymer Extrusion Simulation using Ansys Polyflow 2023, January

This includes the Ansys AIM software, which with its recently released version 17.1 supports the design of optimal extrusion processes. Ansys AIM stands for the intuitive, holistic simulation of all properties of a product - and now also of a manufacturing process - with all of its physical properties.

Calculate the required die geometry

Ansys Poly-Flow is a simulation software for optimal extrusion processes, for example for the plastics processing industries. Extrusion processes can also be found in glass processing or in metals or ceramics. The peculiarity of the Ansys Poly-Flow software is the "backward calculation", that is to say the calculation of the required die geometry for a dimensionally stable extrusion profile.

Ansys Poly-Flow is now integrated in AIM

With the recently released Ansys version 17.1, Ansys Poly-Flow is now also available in AIM. Ansys AIM combines the simulation of mechanical, fluid mechanical, thermal and electromagnetic properties in a new, intuitive interface and a work process that is the same across all physical disciplines. As a result, products can be developed and brought to market maturity in a more energy-efficient, material-saving, compact, lighter, more durable, more cost-effective and, above all, faster manner.


Ansys 17.1 focuses on system simulation and multi-physics applications


Ansys AIM: Product simulation for every engineer

For a quick try: "Try it now"

Ansys AIM is available in various license models. In addition to classic purchase and rental options, hourly rentals are also possible. Anyone interested can use AIM in the web browser (www.Cadfem.de/aim) for up to two hours without having to install it themselves ("Try it now"). The webinar "Simulation of Extrusion with Ansys Poly-Flow in AIM" offers additional information:

www.Cadfem.de/Poly-Flow-webinar. (mz)

Cadfem at K 2016: Hall 12, Stand C45 (Bayern Innovativ joint stand)

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