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Is Generation Z (ombie) Coming?

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Is Generation Z (ombie) Coming?
Is Generation Z (ombie) Coming?

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Video: GENERATION Z Trailer 2023, January

Do you know the "smombies"? This term refers to people who are constantly staring into their smartphones. "Smombie" is a key word from the terms "smartphone" and "zombie" and was chosen by the jury in 2015 for a so-called "youth word of the year" in Germany on behalf of the Langenscheidt publishing house. The majority of these “smombies” are under 20 or just over 20 and belong to a new generation. A generation that does not want to take responsibility, has a high-intensity Internet use, is an information manager and an advocate of individualism. They are the successor to Generation Y, the millennials, and are gradually entering the job market: Generation Z.

The youngsters have not yet been researched very well, but one thing is already clear: they are different! Digital media are their world. It goes without saying that they are online 24 hours a day. Generation Z is not only used to technology, it has never known a world without technology. Even in the school curricula for this generation, computer science, especially programming, is firmly established. But virtual affinity also has its downsides: Communication skills in real life are rather below average for many young people in Generation Z. Because just because they are well networked does not mean that the Z-lers are particularly good team players. Among economists, they are considered self-centered, hedonistic, fickle and have a strong competitive mindset.In addition, "YOLO - You only live once" is an important guideline for young people. So the question arises what this influx of professionally skilled candidates means for the job market.

Additional information on the attributes of generation Y:

  • Optimistic
  • Ready to perform
  • International social connection
  • Collectivist
  • Intensive internet use
  • Compatibility of work and career

Generation Z needs digitization

Growing up generation Z opens up a large talent pool for employers in the so-called MINT branch, i.e. mathematics, computer science, science and technology. Generation Z engineers who make the most of their technological skills may develop knowledge that goes beyond traditional, practical technology. The next generation could be able to engage in highly complex software, cloud-based applications and sophisticated equipment and feel completely in their element. For MINT companies, the impending entry of these candidates into working life may sound like winning the lottery; but recruiting promises to be anything but easy.

Additional information on the attributes of generation Z

  • Realistic
  • Unbound
  • Transnational social relationship
  • individualist
  • Highly intensive internet use
  • Work must fit the family (no weekend work)

Self-fulfillment and leisure time more important than career

Despite growing competition in the job market, younger generations are increasingly picky when it comes to choosing their jobs and focus more on corporate culture and employee benefits than high starting salaries and impressive job titles. In contrast to the long-term career habits of previous generations, generation Z believes that three years should be a reasonable period for the first position - an alarming statistic for companies that focus on promoting and developing young talent. To counter such troubling numbers, companies in the technical sector need to understand the individual needs of generation Z applicants. The new youth is impatient and is looking for variety.Work-life balance is more important to them than emotional ties to companies and colleagues. In addition, according to experts, young people are a friend of fixed working hours, for example 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. In their free time and at the weekend, the job should not play a role for them, because their own fulfillment is paramount. This is how the young talents learned from their helicopter parents.

Generation Z will form the future army of civil engineers, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers, designing smart infrastructures, building life-changing systems and breaking new ground in the areas of robotics and artificial intelligence. Although young workers are already familiar with technology, combined with a forward-thinking employer could offer great potential for the future.

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